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Since times immemorial, speculative nature of stock prices attracted the attention of intellectual minds both from the academic community as well as professionals equally. Several studies were carried out to decipher the relationship between stock price moves. Intellectual minds like Charles Dow, the then editor of Wall street Journal in the 18th century and his successors like Hamilton and Robert Rhea sowed the seeds for a science of studying stock prices as a separate discipline which in the modern day world became popular as Technical Analysis. Later Richard W Schabaker who is widely regarded as Father of Technical Analysis, Edward and John Magee (who passed on the pioneering research works of Schabaker to the new generation), WD Gann and RN Elliot developed their own theories which were used by many to forecast the stock prices with a reasonable degree of success in real life.

We at Chartviewindia.in widely uses technical analysis to forecast prices of different asset classes like equities, commodities and currencies to assist our clients in enhancing their wealth. We take this opportunity and extend our invitation to the like minded traders and investors to trade through our technical research.