" If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability"        --- Henry Ford

Basics & Investment Classics

Title Publisher Author
Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits Vision Books Richard W Shabacker
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends Vision Books Robert D Edwards and John Magee
The Stock Market Barometer John Wiley & Sons William Peter Hamilton
The Dow Theory Sterling Book House Robert Rhea
The Truth of the Stock tape Sterling Book House W.D Gann
45 years in Wall Street Sterling Book House W.D Gann
Technical Analysis Course Vision Books Thomas A Meyers
Technical Analysis Plain and Simple Pearson Education Michael N Kahn
Encyclopedia of Technical Analysis Vision Books Joel G Siegel
Hot Commodities Random House Trade Jim Rogers

Advanced Learners

Title Publisher Author
Elliot Wave Principle Key to Market Behavior New Classic Library Frost and Prechter
RN ELLIOT's Market Letters(1938-1946) New Classic Library Edited by Robert R Prechter Jr
Mastering Elliot Wave Windsor Glen Neely
Elliot Wave Explained Vision Books Robert C Beckman
Basic Wave Counting Material EW Institue EW Institue
EW DVD 4 EW Institue EW Institue
The Magic and Logic of Elliot Waves Shroff Pub Hemant Kale
Technical Analysis of Futures Market John Wiley & Sons John Murphy
Visual Investor New York Institute of Finance John Murphy
Inter Market Analysis DVD DVD John Murphy
Martin Pring on Market Momentum Vision Books Martin J Pring
Technical Analysis The complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians FT Press Kirkpatrick
Channels & Cycles : A Tribute to JM Hurst Traders Press Brian J Millard
Swing Trading Vision Books Marc Rivilland
The( MIS) Behavior of Markets- A Fractal view of Risk, Ruin and Reward Profile Books Benoit B Mandelbrot
Beyond CandleSticks John Wiley & Sons Steve Nison
Candlestick Charting Vision Books Gregory Morris
Technical Analysis For Trading Professional McGrawHill Constance Brown
Trading For A Living Wiley Finance Dr Alexander Elder
Technical Analysis of Stocks, Options and Futures Vision Books William F Eng
The Psychology of Technical Analysis Vision Books Tony Plummer
Fibonacci Applications and Strategies For Traders John Wiley & Sons Robert Fischer
Fibonacci Analysis Bloomberg Constance Brown
Anatomy of the Bear CLSA BOOKS Russel Napier
Tomorrows Gold CLSA BOOKS Marc Faber
Currency Wars –The Making of Next Global Crisis Penguin books James Rickards

Trading Psychology

Title Publisher Author
Reminiscences of Stock Operator Sterling Edwin Lefevre
Reminiscences of Stock Operator Illustrated Edition John Wiley and Sons Edwin Lefevre
The Amazing Life of Jesse Livermore Traders Press Richard Smitten
How To Trade in Stocks Traders Press Jesse Livermore
The Greatest Trade Ever Penguine Books Gregory Zuckerman
More Money Than Gods Bloomsbury Sebastian Mallaby
Hedge Hunters Bloomberg Katherine Burton
A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market Basic Books John Allen Paulos
Irrational Exuberance Currency Double Day Robert J Shiller
Animal Spirits Princeton University Press Robert J Shiller
The Crowd A Study of the Popular Mind Sterling Book House Gustav Le Bon
Extra Ordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds Oxford Research Press Charles Mackay
Trading in The Zone New York Institute of Finance Marc Douglas
The Disciplined Trader New York Institute of Finance Marc Douglas
Market Wizards Collins Business Jack D Schwager
The New Market Wizards Collins Business Jack D Schwager
100 World Famous Stock Market Techniques Vision Books Richard J Maturi
Stock Market Trading Rules FIFTY Golden Strategies Vision Books William F Eng
Value Investing and Behavioral Finance Tata Mc Grahill Parag Parikh

Other Essential Readings

Title Publisher Author
A Random Walk Down Wall Street WW Norton & Co Burton G Malkiel
Capital Ideas Evolving John Wiley & Sons Peter L Bernstein
Agains the Gods The remarkable Story of Risk John Wiley & Sons Peter L Bernstein
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits John Wiley & Sons Philip A Fisher
The Age of Turbulence Penguine Books Alan Greenspan
The Great Crash 1929 Penguine Books John Kenneth Galbraith
A Short History of Financial Euphorea Penguine Books John Kenneth Galbraith
Fiasco Penguine Books Frank Partnoy
Liar's Poker Hodder Michael Lewis
Fooled by Randomness Penguine Books Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The Black Swan Penguine Books Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The Art of Speculation Sterling Book House Philip L Carrett
Indian Stock Markets and Recent trends ICFAI PRESS ICFAI PRESS
Investing The Templeton Way Tata Mc Graw Hill Laurence C Templeton
India and the Global Financial Crisis Orient black Swan Y V Reddy
Chinese Odyssey from Mao to Market ICFAI PRESS ICFAI PRESS
Security Analysis McGrawHill Graham & Dodd
Intelligent Investor Harper Collins Benjamin Graham
One Up on Wall Street Simon & Schuster Peter Lynch
Beating the Street Simon & Schuster Peter Lynch
The Warren Buffet Way John Wiley & Sons Robert G Hagstrom
The Real Warren Buffet Nicholas Brealey James O' Loughlin