1.The Technical Trader - Daily News Letter
Tradable discussion on NIFTY and Bank Nifty
Colourful charts with detailed explanation in simple language
Reports are designed to suit the needs of index traders
Mode of delivery is through email
FEE STRUCTURE :   a. a. Rs. 6500 per quarter (Nifty or Bank Nifty report)
    b. Rs. 10,000 per quarter ( both reports)

2. FNO Trader
We actively track around 100 scrips which are traded in F&O segment
We recommend only 20 – 25 calls per expiry
All are positional trades and subscribers are expected to wait for 2- 5 days and benefit by playing out of bigger swings.
Here concentration is on quality of calls and wealth maximisation of client but not on quantity of calls.
Calls are sent thru SMS
Chatting facility is available through Skype
Minimum Capital Required : Rs. 2 lakh
FEE STRUCTURE :   Rs. 15000 per quarter

3. Positional Trader
Cash market delivery based trading product with emphasis on mid and small caps
Weekly 3 – 5 positional trading calls with potential targets of around 10 – 15% will be generated
In a month you can expect around 15 delivery based ideas in normal market conditions
Calls will be mailed with charts usually post market hours.
FEE STRUCTURE :   Rs. 15,000 for 6 months.

4. Portfolio Review & Reconstruction
Clients can approach us for reconstruction of portfolios
Number of scrip’s shall not exceed 10
After a thorough study we suggest targets and stop losses from a medium term perspective( 3 – 6 months)
Client need to submit Statement of Holdings as on that date.
Client also required to submit last 10 days of Transaction statement
FEE STRUCTURE :   2% of Portfolio Value or Rs. 6500 whichever is higher

5. Commodity Trader
What we track: Gold, Silver, Crude, Natural Gas, Lead, Copper Zinc, Nickel.
Service is only for HNI’s or MCX members.
Service is through email and in report form.
Reports will be mailed on daily basis with charts.
Clients need to obtain service for minimum 3 commodities.
FEE STRUCTURE :   Rs.12,000 per month